This course focuses on the design and evaluation of Augmented
Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) systems, algorithms,
and applications related to the hardware, software, interaction,
psychology, technology, and research that are used.
Class topics will include systems for presenting information to
all five senses (visual, auditory, haptic, olfactory and gustatory),
methods for users to interact with objects within virtual
environments, and evaluation techniques for assessing effectiveness,
as well as vision-based marker and feature tracking,
model-to-view space transformations, mobile application development,
and interaction techniques. Students will interact
with various display and interface 100 devices throughout
this course, develop prototype applications, and evaluate
them. Through a combination of traditional lecture, literature
review, and hands-on work, students will learn to critically
evaluate different alternatives, build prototype systems, and
design comparative evaluations to test the effectiveness of
various (AR) and (VR) applications. This is a graduate level course


Masters degree in a related field

Prior university level teaching experience preferred.

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